PC: A general view of the mass cremation of those who died from the Covid-19 at a crematorium in New Delhi, India April 26, 2021 Reuters

Simple math can break down complex circumstances. There is nothing simple about the official Covid-19 numbers from India.

As India was overwhelmed by the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has touched every family that I know. It is now reaching the hard-to-reach villages and hillsides. The volume of condolences pouring in are telltale signs of the scale of the human devastation. As the country’s mood is weighed down by the dead, the official count of COVID-19 deaths in the country seems grossly understated. …

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Most of us have at least one personal anecdote about online security breach. If you don’t have one, chances are that you don’t know about it. Yet.

Compromise of personal data has become as normal as catching the flu. It can happen to anyone despite the best precautions.

The trouble is that so much of our life is in the digital realm that we need it all to be password protected. Our digital life has essentially boiled down to moving from one password to another. Managing and creating passwords is a constant learning and unlearning process.

By the time you…

Amazon’s annual revenue is in excess of $200 billion, which is more than the GDP of entire nations. Amazon together with Google, Twitter, Apple and Facebook form a rarefied club that offers massive digital platforms used by millions of apps, products and service providers. Facebook’s active users are more than the combined population of Africa, Europe and Australia. These companies have developed enough financial and market muscle to earn the moniker Big Tech. The word monopoly is increasingly being used for Big Tech. They are now faced with existential questions as US lawmakers are turning up the heat on them…

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A family of mynas was nesting in our window. Soon the chirping started ringing through as life slowly picked up rhythm. From my garden, I would catch a glimpse of the diminutive life unfurl. The family had fallen into a daily pattern of feeding.

On a hot afternoon, the mynas became decidedly raucous. The chick had fallen from her nest into my garden — a metaphor for falling into chaos, with the neighbour’s cat prowling and the sun beating down. The parents’ subsequent effort to bring back order in their progeny’s life was an endearing sight, as they used ‘show-and-tell’…

Size does not matter for Covid-19. The virus is like a surging river that is sweeping everything along the way. All preconceived notions about treating Covid-19 are falling short. Countries of all shapes and sizes, of all types of weather systems, of all kinds of races, of all qualities of healthcare systems have been ravaged by the virus.

As it impinges on our lives, so it impinges on our economies, our businesses. The economic fallout of coronavirus is bad news for companies regardless of size.

However, the story is quite different for Big Tech. Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, and Apple have…

We are playing it by the ear. Countries that underwent various degrees of lockdown are now gradually relaxing restrictions. With so many unknowns, we are on the cusp of many possibilities. We are in the fuzzy space of containment zones, some business activities, but not all, and limited movement with social distancing and germ-killing gateways.

It is a delicate balancing act. Economies need to be resuscitated to reduce widespread financial distress. Every economic forecast across the spectrum of scenarios looks grim. …

In 2014, I spent about four months in a remote Indian village. One fine day, a lady who worked on the farm had to leave early to attend an important village meeting. Her enthusiasm piqued my curiosity. It turned out that her neighbour was struggling to repay the local money lender.

“So, what will you discuss in the meeting?” I asked her.

“We will discuss a fair amount that he can repay and in how many months should he pay,” she replied with a firm countenance.

As she walked away with an air of purpose, I was struck by how…

A boy watches a robot at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport as Chinese tech companies start to deploy their wealth, technological prowess and massive databases to help combat the coronavirus outbreak. © Reuters

Hearing someone cough these days triggers a visceral desire to run for cover. The innocuous flu has taken a whole new meaning in 2020. While the coronavirus has become an uninvited guest in more than 30 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has asked governments to pull out all the stops.

Coronavirus is making the stock markets jittery while the global supply chain is in tatters. The airline, travel and leisure industries are reeling under the stalling virulence of the virus.

Yet a reassuring story has surfaced in the backdrop of coronavirus. At some level we have been prepping for…

A close-up view of the IBM Q quantum computer.

As the world fights the deadly coronavirus, we have reached the climactic point in the battle when the enemy seems to be momentarily pushing ahead. It is a cliffhanger moment in a movie when the audience is holding its breath, waiting for the protagonist to claw his or her way back to the top.

We are now hunkering for cover in a hyper-connected world that has become a petri dish for pandemics. In this mayhem, some people remain focused on the mission to find the vaccine for coronavirus. The entire process is time consuming because of the clinical trials that…

A world in lockdown, life in a limbo, hundreds of million people in self-quarantine. Who would have thought a few months ago that the world would come to this?

The last time I practised social distancing was in my boarding school when I was quarantined for contracting chicken pox. It meant being sentenced to weeks of idle time in the melancholic school hospital. We had little choice in the matter. Our regimental school nurses ensured that we did not pass on the infection to our classmates. It worked.

Today, governments are asking people to stay home, a move ranging from…

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